Taita Falcon Lodge

Batoka Gorge, Livingstone

A wilderness retreat 10km from Victora Falls

Before we bought Taita Falcon Lodge, some people said the camp should be knocked down and re-built completely! We took over in mid March-2023 and at the end of April, a bushfire burnt it to the ground! No, it wasn’t an insurance fire either What a way to start its recovery after Covid! But, we rallied and decided to carry on anyway. The new Taita Falcon Lodge is being rebuilt and it’s going to be better than ever before. Opening March 2024, the Falcon Chalets are designed to represent a falcon about to take off the edge of the gorge as a symbolic gesture of soaring to new heights. But the gushy stuff aside, the chalets are going to be a great place to take in the peace and vastness of the gorge. A perfect retreat after a busy morning in town and around the Falls doing all the great activities on offer

Will the new Taita be the right place for you? 

Who will be suited to Taita?

People who like peace and a remote location.

Birders and bush lovers.

People who enjoy agood comeback story.

Who won’t be suited to Taita?

It’s going to be awkward if you’re scared of heights…

City lights and trafficnoise lovers.

Unrestrained toddlers!

What can you combine with Taita?


A 3 night Victoria Falls package with various activities.


A safari with the Southern Kafue


A quieter and peaceful Vic Falls option after Chobe.

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