Luangwa Valley Safaris

North Luangwa and Luambe National Parks, Luangwa Valley, Zambia

Exclusive bushcamps in the Luangwa Valley

These are the arguably the wildest and most remote camps in Zambia. Miles and miles of Luangwa wilderness, almost no visitors and incredible wildlife viewing. This is what the Luangwa is all about. For both these camps, there really is NOTHING HERE except you and the wildlife and incredible beauty. For years, North Luangwa was cut off – only accessible to visitors by plane or intrepid self driving. However the combination with Luambe has meant now its possible to spend 5 to 7 days in this remote wilderness but letting us do all the work of moving you around and between the parks. 

What is available between the 2 camps?

4 en-suite safari tents at Luambe and 4 raised bungalows at North Luangwa River Camp AND we handle all transfers and logistics.

Unique, private safari activities including game drives and walking safaris.

Sleep out on the banks of the Luangwa River.

Our Luambe Hippo Hide a short walk from camp and game drives in the North Luangwa rhino sanctuary.

Wilderness Trails through Luambe – great for keen walkers and leadership groups.

Special mention

These 2 National Parks in the Luangwa Valley have previously been REALLY difficult to access and explore. This combination gives you an incredible chance to experience both in 1 safari! From sleep outs to walking trails, sleeping in raised bungalows and crossing the famous pontoon in North Luangwa, this is WILD ADVENTURE.

Why should you experience Luangwa Valley Safaris?

Three reasons you will love the Luangwa Valley with us:


The Exclusivity
  1. Escape the crowds of the busier tourist areas and experience what the wild Luangwa is all about.


The Wildness

Aside from self drive campers, few people have been able to truly explore these 2 wild parks.


The Team
  1. Our Luangwa Valley Safaris team is made up of experienced safari operators and some of the best guides. They will unpack this wilderness for you in comfort and style.


What can you combine with Luangwa Valley Safaris?


A 3 or 4 night stay in South Luangwa around the Mfuwe gate area before or after your visit.


Fly down from Mfuwe to Jeki and experience the Lower Zambezi

Want to learn more about Luangwa Valley Safaris?

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