Lumbe Pools

Experience the magic of the Zambezi

A truly unique Zambezi experience in the heart of Barotseland.

We know people who would rather walk unarmed through a National Park than operate again in Zambia’s Western Province. They found it that hard. When Zambians call a place ‘the Wild West,’ you should probably take notice. But that’s what makes it fun to visit and explore! We built and opened Lumbe Pools in June 2023 and it’s a really special spot. It has some uncanny similarities to South Africa’s Pondoland (or Wild) Coast and with all the little beaches and swimming pools we have on the Lumbe River, we have made the experience very much a ‘barefoot inland beach’ camp. It’s the perfect place for an extended family holiday or a 2 or 3 night break on the way up or down from Liuwa Plain or Chobe.

What to expect at Lumbe?

View (and at low-water levels sit in), the second biggest waterfall on the Zambezi.

Fish for tigerfish on the Zambezi River.

Sundowner pontoon cruise – these have got very rowdy before!

A central dining and lounge area and Rosewood Lookout

5 Open-Air Chalets to make 10 beds in total.

What makes Lumbe Pools worth visiting?

Three reasons you will love Luambe:


The Open Air Chalets

The chalets are open to the river from all corners – the beds, the chairs, the shower, the bath and even the toilet! It’s so much better when you can hear the river, smell the wilderness and feel the breezes


Beach and River Activities

Lumbe offers different things – beach boule, freshwater snorkelling, drift based tiger fishing, the Sioma Falls, beach golf and much more.


The Zambezi and Lumbe 

Camp is situated on the banks of not just one river, but two completely different but equally beautiful rivers. The magic and pristine Lumbe and the mighty Zambezi.

What should you combine with Lumbe?


A private river experience as an extension to a Chobe or Namibia trip.


A 2 or 3 night stop on the way up or down from Liuwa Plain


2 x Zambezi Waterfalls package with Taita Falcon Lodge or another property in Livingstone.

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