The wilderness is the best host you could ask for.

We are here to connect the two of you.

Over the years we have been involved in safari tourism, we noticed a clear trend. Our guests longed for wild experiences. Given the choice between showering inside or beneath the skies, they always chose outside. Or, if choosing to spend the night in a lodge or a sleep out under the stars, most people chose the sleep out. We realised our guests NEEDED to be hosted by wilderness. So we decided to open a portfolio of camps and experiences offering all of the wild with none of the discomfort.

We have called it Everwild and we would love to share it with you!

What do the Everwild camps have in common?

Our camps and our locations may differ, but they all have the following in common:


We will always ensure our guests are safe and comfortable BUT we love to try and bring as much of the ‘outside’, in.


They are located in remote, quiet wilderness places.


All our camps or regions have a story – at one point they have all been abandoned or become too difficult to operate but they offer something special for you to experience. 

What makes Everwild different?

Ever Wild was formed by a group of young entrepreneurs with backgrounds in guiding,  marketing, graphic design, human development and finance. We all love people and the effect wild places have on them. Every property owned or run by Everwild must meet and maintain the following criteria:

The best it could be. We couldn’t have dreamed better for our honeymoon and will remember it for life.

– Amelie & Bruno, June 2022

We probably could have chosen MUCH easier camps to work with. None of our camps are an easy ride or convenient little hop to get to. That makes our operations hard and the experience of those who visit, wild and special. Just the way we like it.


An Everwild camp or property is purposed to accomplish something special in its area of influence and operation. It must exist and succeed for more than just our own needs.


We’re about memories and experiences that never leave you so everything we do is aimed to achieve that.


Too many wild places have been lost because with all the passion in the world, they weren’t profitable. Sound tourism and business practices that benefit guests and communities are a high priority for us.


The lives of BOTH the people who visit our camps and those who work within them must be changed through their experiences with Ever Wild.

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