Luambe Camp

An exclusive bushcamp in the Luangwa Valley

A private and remote luangwa safari destination 

Luambe National Park offers a Luangwa Valley experience reminiscent of the early days in the valley – remote and wild! Luambe Camp is the only accommodation in the entire Luambe National park, so the whole experience is extremely remote and private.

See where Luambe is located on the map below:

Unique Selling Points for Luambe Camp

What makes Luambe different and worth visiting? Find out below:


The Camp Exclusivity

Not only is Luambe remotely located, they are the only safari camp in the entire Luambe National Park. This means that guests visiting wont have to share sightings with anyone else when on game drive or walking trail. This degree of exclusvitiy is extremely rare, particularly in the Luangwa Valley.


The Unique Activities

Luambe offers activities which are different to other safari camps in the Valley. Activities can also be tailored according to the guest’s interests or fitness levels. Sleep-outs in the Luangwa valley, overnight walking trails, tree house dinners and star gazing picnics are just a few of the activities on offer. 


The Exquisite Setting

Luambe Camp delivers comfortable safari tent accommodation right on the banks of the Luangwa River. In the dry season, hundreds of hippo gather below camp and the resident leopard are almost nightly visitors to the camp. The 4 en-suite tents overlooking the river are spacious with a focus on allowing guests the chance to feel like they have escaped to a lost world. 


Luambe at a glance

Luambe operates for 5 months a year, from mid-June until Mid-October. It consists of 4 safari tents (3x single room tents and 1x family tent with 2x rooms), 1x main area with a small library, gift shop, lounge and bar.

“Luambe is a very unique and special place where you will get to experience African wilderness in the most intimate and authentic way.”
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Luambe operates from mid -June until mid-October.

Travel Logistics

Luambe National Park is located halfway between South and North Luangwa. Getting to luambe Camp will take you 3.5 hours from Mfwe Airport. 


Luambe offers your traditional safari activities such as game drives and walks as well as sleep-outs, star gazing picnics and tree house dinners.


Luambe Camp & Conservation exists to see the park have the highest mammal biomass per square kilometre in Zambia. Read more about the conservation goal.

Guest Reviews and Digital Media

Luambe seems to have a profound impact on whoever visits there – read what some of the guests have sad about their time at Luambe: 

Septtember 2022

“Wow! We’ve had a great time. Far, far away from the crowds! To be in the middle of nowhere, all alone with the wildlife is incredible! Seeing the dogs was a fantastic bonus..”

Sept 2022

“Luambe Camp was by far, the best lodge I have stayed in on my holiday! There his no thing I can say except “excellent!”

August 2022

“Best experience ever! Magic place with magic staff. Thank you to all of you for the time we had, you made our experience in Luambe!” 

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