Luambe Camp

Luambe National Park, Luangwa Valley, Zambia

An exclusive bushcamp in the Luangwa Valley

In the 1970’s, Luambe had the highest mammal biomass per square kilometre of any National Park in Zambia. In other words, there were more mammals (and large mammals at that) per square kilometre in Luambe than anywhere else in Zambia. We want to see that statistic come back again and the wildlife numbers of animals like elephant, buffalo, Cookson’s wildebeest and eland are clearly showing we are on track! There is something amazing about being the only camp in an entire National Park – it gives you so much freedom! Sleep out on the banks of the Luangwa – tick. Wake up with hot chocolate at 01.00am to night drive for aardvark – we are ready. It’s a completely unique experience and something we make a focus on at Luambe because seriously, where else do you get to have a National Park to yourself?

What is available at Luambe?

4 safari tents including a 2 bedroom family tent, Luambe can sleep a total of 10 people.

Unique, private safari activities in a park you have to yourself.

Sleep out on the banks of the Luangwa River.

Our Hippo Hide a short walk from camp is a great space for G n T’s and magic sunset photos full of hippo.

Wilderness Trails through the Park – great for keen walkers and leadership groups.

Special mention

Our Carmine Bee-Eater colonies are amazing and depending on where they choose to nest, we offer coffee or cocktails with the Carmines in September and October depending if they nest on the east or west bank.

What makes Luambe Camp worth visiting?

Three reasons you will love Luambe:


The Camp Exclusivity

Not only is Luambe remotely located, they are the only safari camp in the entire Luambe National Park. This means that guests visiting wont have to share sightings with anyone else when on game drive or walking trail. This degree of exclusvitiy is extremely rare, particularly in the Luangwa Valley.


The Unique Activities

Luambe offers activities which are different to other safari camps in the Valley. Activities can also be tailored according to the guest’s interests or fitness levels. Sleep-outs in the Luangwa valley, overnight walking trails, tree house dinners and star gazing picnics are just a few of the activities on offer. 


The Luangwa Setting

Luambe Camp delivers comfortable safari tent accommodation right on the banks of the Luangwa River. In the dry season, hundreds of hippo gather below camp and the resident leopard are almost nightly visitors to the camp. The 4 en-suite tents overlooking the river are spacious with a focus on allowing guests the chance to feel like they have escaped to a lost world. 


What can you combine with Luambe Camp?


A 3 or 4 night stay in South Luangwa around the Mfuwe gate area.


A 3 night extension into North Luangwa.

Want to learn more about Luambe Camp?

visit the official website

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